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An Animated Sitcom by  Mars Television
Help Spark Interest in Manned Space Travel!

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Welcome to Mars Television


  Space Travel News & Entertainment  

   Our intelligence dictates that the future of humanity will not rest on the surface of ONE Rock. Even bacteria know better. So we are here to help spark interest in manned Space Travel through entertaining content...but we need your help to produce an animated sitcom.

Complete details at  Read on...

Why is this campaign so important?

   If things go according to plan...a 15 year old today will be 25 when we land on Mars. If we don't capture the attention of this generation NOW, we may not have their support when any manned missions to Mars depend largely on their interests.

   Your contribution will insure the future of Manned Space Travel. Modern animated sitcoms provide the perfect means of keeping the entire population interested. They appeal to all generations.

   Manned space travel will assure that the fate of humanity will not depend entirely upon the dynamic, and therefore extremely fragile surface of just ONE pebble (Earth...99% molten rock and metal) blindly moving at mind-bending velocity through unpredictable cosmic what we know to be a violent and hazardous universe.

   This is OUR reality...but does ANYONE truly comprehend the gravity of our situation?

   Mars Television supports PRIVATE Space Travel for those of us that DO!

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